10 x 10 Cities

10 x 10 Cities: Green Facts, Challenges, Futures is an exhibition produced in collaboration between URBANlab at the California College of the Arts and the San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects. As a faculty associate of URBANlab, Igor Siddiqui served in the capacity of the exhibition leader for the installation, working with the exhibition curator, other affiliated faculty, participating students as well as project sponsors to translate the conceptual design scheme into a fabricated gallery environment. The installation opened at 3A Gallery during the 2009 AIA National Convention, and subsequently traveled, in alternate configurations, to other venues.

The architectural strategy of the installation integrates aspects of sustainability through its material components and the programmatic flexibility of the modules. These elements are designed to be re-arranged for other exhibition spaces and to re-aggregate for further programmatic uses. The idea of the multiple programmatic lives— simultaneously both an exhibition and lounge furniture, a catwalk or separation wall—is a strategy that recycles architectural elements in relation to changing programmatic needs. The dimensions and sectional profiles of the modules are generated according to a yin-yang interlocking logic, designed to support material efficiency, and therefore, minimize waste.

About the exhibition content:

This exhibition focuses on the comparative metrics and analyses of 10 North American host cities for the American Institute of Architects’ annual national convention, including San Francisco. This installation is composed of three parts: the 10 X 10 Cities Comparative Datascape, the 10 Cities’ Exemplary Green Projects Showcase, and the 10 Visions for San Francisco Project which is integrated into the fabric of the city through a bus shelter campaign on view at strategic locations. This exhibit intends to expand and advance the conversation about sustainability by actively engaging architects, designers, and citizens to take the positive, immediate steps necessary to mitigate the impact of our everyday behaviors and to engage these stakeholders critically in ameliorating urban contributions to climate change. 10 x 10 Cities presents a challenge to imagine a different future than the one we have previously projected word choice. This is a call to action.

Images and italicized text are courtesy of CCA URBANlab.